Start and finish

The start and finish of the Plus Wandel4daagse Alkmaar are located in Alkmaar. Every day the start and finish are at a different location. This allows you to walk a new and unique route every day.

Start and finish locations

Day 1 – Wednesday 16 June 2021
Sportcomplex De Meent
Terborchlaan 301, 1816 MH Alkmaar

Day 2 – Thursday 17 June 2021
Sporthal Hoornse Vaart
Hertog Aalbrechtweg 4, 1823 DL Alkmaar

Day 3 – Friday 18 June 2021
AFAS Stadion
Stadionweg 1, 1812 AZ Alkmaar

Day 4 – Saturday 19 June 2021
Start: Sportcomplex Oosterhout – Finish: Waagplein
Vondelstraat 35, 1813 AA Alkmaar

The start and finish times at the Plus Wandel4daagse Alkmaar are the same every day. The classification of the start time at the 15, 20 and 25 km is based on the order of registration. Early registration therefore means starting early.

CategoryStarting timeEnd of starting timeStamp post openBIB number
40 km 6.30 hours7.15 hours6.20 hours1 – 999
25 km starting group 17.20 hours8.10 hours7.10 hours1.000 – 1.999
25 km starting group 27.40 hours 8.10 hours7.30 hours2.000 – 2.999
25 km starting group 38.00 hours8.10 hours7.50 hours3.000 – 3.999
20 km starting group 18.20 hours9.05 hours8.10 hours4.000 – 4.999
20 km starting group 2 8.40 hours9.05 hours8.30 hours5.000 – 5.999
20 km starting group 39.00 hours9.05 hours8.50 hours6.000 – 6.999
15 km starting group 19.15 hours9.50 hours9.05 hours7.000 – 7.999
15 km starting group 29.30 hours9.50 hours9.20 hours8.000 – 8.999
15 km starting group 39.45 hours9.50 hours9.35 hours9.000 – 9.999
8,5 km 10.00 hours10.30 hours9.50 hours10.000 – 10.999

Participants in the 15, 20 and 25 km start in starting groups. The starting groups are classified according to the order of registration. You can always start in a later start group of the distance you have chosen, but you may not start earlier. The classification is only known after the registration has been closed, contacting Le Champion makes no sense with regard to the starting times. 

Before the start you need to collect your starting stamp near the start. This is possible from the moment the stamp post is open. It is mandatory to collect the starting stamp and walk with the registration chip. The start is automatically registered via the chip.


After a lovely walk, it’s of course all about reaching the finish! You can finish the first three walking days (Wednesday to Friday) between 11.00 hours and 16.30 hours. You can finish on Saturday from 11.30 hours. You can’t finish earlier or later than these times.

You must collect your finish stamp and your new stamp card at the finish for the next walking day. You put this stamp card back in the case that hangs on your keycord. It’s important that you wear the lanyard with stamp card over your jacket. This automatically registers the entry by means of the chip that is attached to the case.