a. Achievement related walk
The Plus Wandel4daagse Alkmaar is an achievement related walk without competition rules.

b. Method of movement
The participant must move him/herself forward by walking on the course, which has been set out by
the Organisers. Nordic walking sticks may be used.

c. Disqualification/exclusion
The Organiser is entitled to disqualify and exclude from further participation any Participant who does
not abide by these rules or displays inappropriate or unsportsmanlike behaviour or on medical
grounds or if it is considered necessary to ensure the orderly conduct of the Event.

d. Organisers instructions
Participants must follow the instructions on the Organiser or those, given by their dress or other
identifying aspects clearly show they belong to the Organisation.

e. Other conditions
– The Road Traffic Act and related legislation, such as traffic rules and traffic signs, continue to be in
force over the entire course during the Event.
– Pets (except dogs on leash) and items such as strollers, banners, etc. are not allowed.
– During the Event it is not permitted to express explicit political, ideological or religious convictions or to make statements that can be conceived as disturbing, hurtful or offensive in any way whatsoever.
– It will not be possible to leave clothes for safekeeping before the race. Participants are therefore
advised to come to the start in walking clothes. The Organiser does not accept any responsibility for
Participants’ lost clothing or other property. That includes items that have been left behind in the
changing facilities provided by the Organiser. Participants must be aware that the changing facilities
are not guarded by the Organiser.
– The Participant is expected to treat the property of others with respect and not to cause any damage and not to leave any waste.

f. Other cases
In all other cases, which are not mentioned in these rules, the decision of the Organiser is final.